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wamessbear — LiveJournal
So there I was in the leather store looking at a couple of silicone cock rings that I was thinking of getting.

I eventually settled on getting one from Oxballs called LugNutz. When the guy took out the sample ring from the case and I got to see it up close, I thought, "Wow, that looks kind of like a cello mute..."

Here I am, buying a toy for my penis and balls and I end up equating it to a cello mute.


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I received an e-mail newsletter from Mr. S Leather in San Francisco. I've bought a couple of butt toys from them in the past and always like seeing what is new in the world of sexual iniquity.

They were advertising a new silicone cock ring called The Mouth which is shaped differently than the usual cock ring. When I looked at the picture, my first thought was, "Hm. That looks like a cello mute."

D'OH! Not the mood they were going for, I'm sure.
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I was chatting on-line with a friend about some upcoming rain that might happen in our area and he said he'd really been wanting some thunderstorms with lightning.

I was thinking to myself, you know, that would make some great background noise for an adult film instead of the cheesy synth music. Just let guys go to it in a room with windows where a thunderstorm is raging outside.

Perhaps I should suggest this to Pantheon Men?

I'd suggest it to BearFilms, but it's probably too difficult to coordinate a hotel room with a thunderstorm.
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I was talking on-line to a friend who was complaining how horny he was at work.

I said, "Do you think HR would approve a 'Bring Your Fleshlight to Work Day'?"

He said, "Probably not."
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I hit 40 in another few weeks. I still want to be pied silly for it, but due to extenuating circumstances, it's not likely to happen. But really, this is more a wistful dream than anything else. If it doesn't happen, I'm fine with it.

What would really be fun for me would to be surprise pied. Turn a corner and suddenly set upon by a bunch of pie vigilantes. "Nobody makes it through 40 unscathed..." Of course, if I walked into a room to see plastic sheeting taped up everywhere, I'd kind of figure something was up. All I'd ask, though, is that if I'm wearing my glasses that day, allow me to take them off first before facing the firing squad.
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I've been rediscovering nudism of late. I don't quite have the self confidence to go out to a public nudist area, so I just do it at home. Oh, and I wear an apron if I'm nude and cooking something.

Still, it's that self-confidence thing. Being a big man with a huge gut is already strikes one and two, but then I'm so pale the glare can be absolutely blinding. If I go out in the sun with no clothes on, I might catch fire.

My partner doesn't think it's too weird, although he won't be caught dead naked. He even wears long-sleeved shirts when it's warm. Anyway, I've always been a little jealous of folks who can proudly display themselves in states of undress.

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I'll admit I've never gotten gunged or pied while having a butt plug or dildo inserted. However, it does make for an interesting scenario.

I've been checking out the Mr. S website and other places where men can go to find a good anal toy and found a few things that I'd really like to try sometime. The problem is the price. Why is it so expensive to find something to stick up your ass? I just don't get it. Then again, at least I'd know it was actually made to be stuck up my ass unlike say, carrots, beer bottles or frozen bananas.

Ooh, just having visions of the tongue and frozen pole gag in "A Christmas Story" only with a frozen banana and my ass. Not a good visual there.

Anyway, just wondering what it'd be like to have a gunge chair with a butt plug incorporated into the design so that you were effectively plugged to the chair while you were getting pied. Could be fun.
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I love tights. There, I've said it. I love tights. Kind of hard to find tights for a man my size, but it can be done.

I think what I like the most about it is how I can find the contact of something with a lot of my skin all at the same time. Plus, like with gunge, I can look completely different from a normal human, especially if it's a full body suit.

What I'd really like to have is a Mr. Incredible suit since I have the body for it.
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Like many men who share this particular messy pastime of mine, I have a Gmail account that I use for the various e-mail groups I belong to. We are a vast group, but not big on having our identities known.

So I log into Gmail to check messages and there are a couple of new ones from a couple of groups, mostly from guys looking to be tied up and pied.

Up at the top of the window where the sponsored link it, it says:
Are you craving pie? Click here!
I was thinking, "Sure, but are you going to send someone over to deliver it personally to my naked body?"

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Days like this where it gets overly hot where I live that I really wish I lived in a remote area where there was a huge mudpit in the backyard. I could stay cool and have a good time in one splat.

However, our apartment balcony is not big enough nor private enough for that, and besides, my hubby isn't into the whole mess thing, so there you are.

Still, it at least makes me feel slightly cooler just imagining what it would feel like.
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